Badge Making

Are you a badge enthusiast? Then our Badge Making activity is tailor-made for you! If  you enjoy collecting badges, why not take it a step further and create your very own badge with a touch of personal creativity?

As straightforward as it sounds, you have the opportunity to design your own pin badge! Express yourself by drawing, painting, or adding a quote of your choice. It is that simple! The best part? You get to take your badge artwork home as a memorable keepsake.

Reach out to us today to enquire about incorporating Badge Making activity into your event!

The purpose of Badge Making extends beyond mere craft – it is a unique opportunity for children to learn how to create their own badges without the need for purchasing. Designing and crafting badges from scratch not only sparks creativity but also fosters a genuine love for the finished product.

Art & Crafts, a favorite among kids, playing a crucial role in nurturing creativity, exploration, and imagination from a young age. Badge Making contributes to boosting self-esteem by offering a sense of achievement. Children can take pride in their creations, fostering confidence in their abilities.

At Carnival Wiz, where we value family bonding, Art & Crafts session such as Egg Painting & Fan Colouring provide a wonderful opportunity for quality time together, creating lasting memories while crafting as a family. Badge Making activity for your event promises to create a bonding experience that your guests will cherish!

Badge Making is a user-friendly activity facilitated by our experienced instructors, ensuring a smooth creative process. Children receive guidance and parents are welcome to assist their little ones if needed, fostering a collaborative and enjoyable experience.

At Carnival Wiz, we are committed to initiating the positive impact of Art & Crafts on children from a young age. Our hands-on crafting sessions, ranging from badge making to painting, aim to nurture creativity and provide a platform for self-expression.

As an event company, we prioritize the value of creativity. There is no need to stress about difficulty – unleash your creative minds and take pride in your artistic creations. Join us for a stress-free  and creatively fulfilling Badge Making experience!

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