Cai Shen Ye @ Discovery

If you are a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) fan, you will definitely heard about the car brand called Discovery. An adorable and bouncy Cai Shen Ye or also known as God of Fortune was placed at their storefront to discover and attract wealth because the company was launching a new car which was called “Discovery” so he decide to have one of our God Of Fortune to be at the side of the car . By adding our Cai Shen Ye, it would  be a good start of your business as it will attract a lot of customer.

Grand Opening

If you are having a grand opening, you may contact us  for the Opening Ceremony Set and a Cai Shen Ye for prosperity! We do have a variety of other Effects & Decor for you to choose from. Contact us and we will give you the best price in town!