Carnival @ Passion Wave

Carnival is an event that allows people from all ages to bond and have fun. Most importantly, for elderly to stay active as exercising can help prevent serious physical and emotional problems, such as depression, chronic conditions, and memory decline. Encouraging your loved ones to stay active can help them enjoy their senior years more fully with fewer physical complaints. A sliver generation carnival was held at Passion Wave, the the elderly and their family member challenged themselves to a game of cup stacker and strength activity. The activity booth were mostly sheltered with our Gazebo Tent, to ensure that they have a cooler environment and most importantly, to prevent heatstroke from standing under the hot sun.

Not forgetting the children, we have prepare a Pirate Ship bouncy castle and balloon sculpting workshop for them to enjoy. Carnival Wiz have a variety of bouncy castle design for client to choose from, we leave no fun behind.