dunking machine rental singapore

Dunking machine rental water system for rent or hire in Singapore Team Building and Carnival

Dunking Machine / Dunk Tank

What is dunking machine or dunk tank?

An all time favourite carnival game, a person is seating at the edge of a plank above a tank of water, while another will throw a ball towards a target that is connected to the plank. When hit, the person on the plank will drop into the pool of water.

Our dunking machine or dunk tank, as most people call it, consists of a metal cage supporting a tough and durable PVC water bag that has a transparent window facing the thrower.

Why dunking machine?

Been around for decades, this is still the best carnival game ever. We just love to see people getting wet.

Why metal cage?

For safety reasons, the cage protects the “dunkee” from being hit by the ball. Moreover, space is not restricted during transit to client premise. For example, our dunk tank can be transported through narrow corridors and passenger lifts.