Carnival Game Stalls

Carnival Game Stalls Singapore


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Carnival Game Stalls? Checked!! We have the widest variety of affordable Carnival Game Stalls / Booths for rent in Singapore for any type of event. You set the rules of the games, offer prizes and let your participants try their hands to win! Pick as many as you want that are especially relevant to your event.

Most of the games here are played individually, hence it complies with safe management measures.

Speak with us if you require a customised theme or game type and we will be able to assist you.

You might also want to complement your event with photo booth and carnival food stations or browse our interactive stations for more ideas!

Check out our full list of carnival game stalls in Singapore now

carnival game stalls Singapore

All games are easy and fun!

Anyone can play

How about something Out of the Box?

Fancy some traditional and nostalgic old school games?

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