Giant Pick Up Sticks

Carnival Game Stalls

Have you ever played traditional pick up sticks? Is fun and nerve-wrecking isn’t it? The moment when you hold your breath to minimize the amount of movement when you pick the stick. Looking for more challenge? There’s now a giant version of pick up stick for more challenge and fun.

Hold the sticks upright and allow them to fall to the ground. The players then take turns picking up sticks one by one. Don’t let the other sticks move since the one you’re trying to pick up is the only one that can. Continue the game until all of the sticks have been collected.

Pick-Up Sticks is a simple game, but it may be made even more enjoyable by including some appreciation. Instead of indicating points, the sticks can represent all of the things you’re grateful for. When you pick up a blue stick, for example, say something you’re grateful for.


I bet that you have not played a Giant version like those in the pictures, right? Well, Carnival Wiz introduced the Giant Version of Pick Up sticks! With that, participants can see more clearly and move more efficiently.

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Giant Pick Up Sticks