Heartbeat Bedok Carnival

Carnival Wiz has landed in a school! School carnival like this will definitely bring a lot of fun and relaxation after this stressful exam season. If you are thinking of organizing a sports day or family events, we are here waiting for you. We have games ranging from interactive all the way to virtual reality (VR). Not to worry, we also have bouncy castle available for all ages.

Penalty Shootout & Game Stalls

This are some games that will hype up the atmosphere of your event. Penalty shootout was a popular soccer Interactive Game which will put both participant’s patient and aiming skills to a test. Aim, Kick and Score, is just as simple as that. Carnival Wiz have a variety of Game Stall, some common ones are ball & can toss, ring the bull and good times rolling. Do Contact Us and rest assured we will provide you with quality and reliable service.