Traditional Kampong Game Rental: Hopscotch

Carnival Game Stalls

Have you ever played traditional hopscotch ? Hopscotch is a classic children’s game that can also be adapted into an event or activity for various purposes. While Hopscotch can be enjoyed as a standalone game, it can also be incorporated into larger events, particularly those focused on community engagement, family-friendly activities, or outdoor gatherings.

Hopscotch can be set up as a playful and interactive activity within a community festival or fair. It can be a designated area where children and adults can participate in the game, adding a nostalgic and fun element to the event. Hopscotch can be included as part of school fairs, picnics, or family gatherings. It provides an enjoyable and inclusive activity for children of various ages, promoting physical activity, balance, and coordination.


Well, hopscotch adds a sense of playfulness, physical engagement, and nostalgia to the event. It can be customized and adapted to suit the specific theme or goals of the gathering, creating a memorable and interactive experience for participants.

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Hopscotch Singapore