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Knock Your Block Off

Knock Your Block Off is a highly interactive and competitive yet fun game for all ages. It means hitting someone in the head according to the Urban Dictionary.

Therefore, this game takes it literally by allowing the players to knock each other’s “head” off. So each player will battle it out with the opponent to knock off the “block” above each other’s head.

Knock your block off meets all our requirements for providing highly interactive and sporty games to our community in Singapore. Most important of all, we are constantly keeping ourselves relevant to the ever evolving needs of the events arena in Singapore.

As this is still a contact game, we would recommend soft ground over gravel/tar roads. Just mark out the borders and battle it out.  Alternatively, we also provide inflatable arena for a safer game play.

A facilitator is a must-have. You could provide your own or request one from our friendly staff.