Lifeguard Services and Aquatic Safety Singapore

Lifeguard Singapore

A Lifeguard that could be employed to perform lifeguard duties at swimming pools in Singapore is required by law to meet specific minimum requirements in order to be able to fulfil his or her role effectively.

In case you are not sure, here is what a lifeguard in Singapore is expected to be able to do minimally:

  • Have extensive knowledge on water safety;
  • Perform land-based rescue using different means;
  • Perform water-based rescue to bring casualty 50m away to land;
  • Resuscitate casualty using CPR;
  • Swim 400 metres in 3 different strokes.

Coupled with work experience, lifeguards are indispensable for any water based activity in Singapore.

Lifeguard Services and Aquatic Safety Singapore

FAQs for Lifeguard Services and Aquatic Safety Singapore

A certified lifeguard is able to perform immediate land-based dry rescue and deep water rescue should any potential drowning incident happen. Even with adult supervision, the inherent risks associated with swimming pools and beaches are imminent.

For instance, a toddler could possibly drown even though the guardian just looked away. During events with more people, all the more the need to engage aquatic safety crew to be on site.

Every lifeguard that works with us is required to attend and complete rigorous and intensive training to achieve minimum Bronze Medallion, also known as BM, awarded by Singapore Life Saving Society, you could find out what type of training a lifeguard in Singapore went through before employment in swimming pools and beaches by clicking here.

In addition, an aquatic safety lifeguard is also required to attend and pass a SLSS CPR course before proceeding to achieve the BM award.

We would suggest a minimum of 2 but more importantly, depending on the following factors:

  • Area to be covered;
  • Line of sight and/or field of view;
  • Lifeguard to participants ratio

Speak with us and we could better advise on the requirements in order to have a better aquatic safety coverage.

To further enhance the aquatic safety measures, in addition to lifeguards, it is highly recommended to have

Event/party organisers play an important role in the safety of all participants. Therefore, no effort should be spared when it comes to water safety.

The lifeguards could be hired to be deployed at all swimming pools in Singapore in very short notice. However, certain premise owners could already have in-house lifeguards.

It is important to check before engaging our lifeguards. For beaches and yachts, please indicate to us in advance as we would want to assign the relevant experienced lifeguards to you.