Starhub Carnival

This event stands out from the rest as it has a variety of engaging activities going on. The activities we provided for them are Minion Coin Bank Coloring, Iron Bead, and Tattoo etc. It was so touching to see the beautiful displayed artwork done by the young participants and the best part of it all, they get to bring home their artwork and give it to their loved ones. We do have game stalls set up as well to excite the young participants and bring the ambience to a whole new level!


Arts and craft activities helps to instill a sense of achievement, pride, creativity in children and boosting their self-confidence. It is also a tool to let them channel their inner thoughts into an art piece. A child will learn to make correct and effective decisions by facing and solving artistic challenges. If you are looking for a meaningful, engaging and interactive items, feel free to contact us and we will give you the best quotation in town!