Traditional Kampong Game Rental: Adult Five Stones

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Have you heard of traditional five stones ? Singaporeans are more familiar in playing with pyramid-shaped cloth bags that are filled with sand, bean or rice. Besides being known as 5 Stones, it is also called Jackstones, Tally, Knucklebones and Batu Seremban. 5 Stones game in Chinese is 抓石子, which literally translates to grabbing stones. Five stones is a game played by 2 or more players using small stones (or rocks) in ancient time.

Back in the kampung days, it is almost every child’s favourite game.  It is often played by two or more players using five small beanbags referred to as “stones”. It’s a great game to build concentration and dexterity.

How to play: The person who does so with the least number of attempts wins. If a player drops a stone, he forfeits his turn. When his opponent drops a stone, the player can pick up at the step he didn’t complete, starting from the beginning of that step.


Well, it’s a great game to build concentration and dexterity. There are many variations of patterns that can be done. Just like many traditional games, there is no fixed rule. You can always make things more challenging by changing the gameplay. You can play the game alone or with friends. Compete with your friends and see who can catch all five stones in the shortest amount of time.

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Five Stones Singapore