Bubble Soccer

Experience the thrill of being inside a bubble by donning a Bubble Soccer Ball outfit and challenging your friends to an exhilarating game of Bubble Soccer. Indulge in the new and safe experience of playing soccer with our unique Bubble Soccer setup! Participants can play with passion, safely covered in our Bubble Soccer Ball outfit, bouncing off each other upon contact.

If you love challenges, and have a competitive spirit, why wait? Contact us today to enquire about bringing the excitement of Bubble Soccer to your event!

Elevate the excitement at your event by renting Bubble Soccer – a unique and thrilling sport where players play soccer while half-encased inside an inflated bubble, adding an element of surprise and friendly bumping.

This engaging game is perfect for friends and family, with teams gathering in large indoor spaces or outdoor fields to compete and score goals. Bubble Soccer transforms the fundamentals of soccer, making it a fun and likely experience for everyone involved.

It is not just about having fun; it is about taking the fun to another level! Infuse creativity into different environments, creating an atmosphere that excites the soul of each player, fostering eagerness to win and participate.

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Renting Bubble Soccer for your event ensures an astounding experience that will leave your guests thoroughly entertained!

Playing Bubble Soccer is not challenging at all! Picture yourself inside a protective bubble, engaging in a soccer match with friends or opponents. The key is to maintain balance, especially with challengers charging towards you to compete for the ball. Get ready for an exciting experience!

Rest assured, our game stations are meticulously chosen and optimized for maximum safety, especially with children in mind.

No need to fret about difficulty levels; after all, we want to keep the fun alive, and too much predictability can be a bore!

The ideal age for participating in Bubble Soccer is 6 years old and above, given the physical contact involved in the game.

At Carnival Wiz, safety is our paramount concern. We urge all participants to follow the recommended safety instructions provided, either by our crew members or in the guidelines. For children below the age of 12, adult supervision is strongly recommended.

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Dimensions2 sizes: 1.5m W x 1.5m D x 1.5m H, 1.2m W x 1.2m D x 1.2m H
Electrical Requirements1 x 13amp