Bungee Run & Hoop

Engage in the simple yet exhilarating concept of our inflatable Bungee Run & Hoop. Strap yourself to the bungee rope, sprint as fast as you can, and try to score a hoop without getting pulled back – a challenging feat indeed!

Feeling competitive? Challenge your friends and discover who can score the most points in this thrilling activity. Don’t fret if the bungee run seems daunting. We’ve got you covered with two separate sections: the Bungee Run & Hoop. If the bungee run is not your thing, focus on the hoop, and vice versa!

Ready for challenges and competition? Waste no time! Contact us today to enquire about bringing the Bungee Run & Hoop to your event!

Elevate the excitement at your event with the Bungee Run & Hoop Inflatable – an interactive 2-player game where participants buckle up, race across the platform, and aim to score as many tosses as possible into the basketball hoop! It becomes even more thrilling when you challenge your friends or family members to see who can secure the most points for victory.

It is not just about fun; it is about taking the fun to another level! Infuse creativity into different environments, creating an atmosphere that excite the soul of each player, fostering eagerness to win and participate.

And the excitement does not end there! Games like Hover Ball Archery & Human Foosball offer opportunities for interaction and the development of problem-solving skills. Renting the Bungee Run & Hoop for your event guarantees an astounding experience that will leave your guests thoroughly entertained!

Experience the unique challenge of Bungee Run & Hoop, where instead of free-falling vertically, you will feel the elastic band holding you back as you strive to progress as far as possible before being sprung back to the starting point, aiming to reach the hoops.

Rest assured, all our game stations are thoughtfully selected and optimized for maximum safety, especially with children in mind.

No need to be concerned about difficulty levels; after all, maintaining the right balance ensures an engaging experience. We want to keep the excitement alive, avoiding any choice of it becoming mundane!

The ideal age for participating in the Bungee Run & Hoop is 6 years old. This exciting game is perfect for sports events, offering challenges for participants while providing a great workout! It is a 2-in-1 game that creates a win-win situation, guaranteed to attract crowds with its entertaining spectacle and contagious laughter.

At Carnival Wiz, safety is our top priority. We urge all participants to follow the recommended safety instructions provided, either by our crew members or in the guidelines. For children below the age of 12, adult supervision is highly encouraged.

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Our rates are all-inclusive of delivery, installation, dismantle, and collection charges. We aim to respond to your enquires within 3 working days. If you have time-sensitive questions, feel free to call us.

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Dimensions3.5m W x 9m D x 2.8m H
Electrical Requirements2 x 13amp

Bungee Run & Hoop Singapore