Fog Machine Singapore

Ever saw how the Fog effect makes everything you see so much cooler? Wanting to experience the effect yourself?  Fear not, as Carnival Wiz hears your request!

Introducing our Fog Machine, where we make your event cooler and picturesque. Not only that. Our Fog Machine also adds in spooky effects depending on your usage!

We offer the best rates in the market and if you can find anything cheaper, we will match our prices for you!

As Carnival Wiz ensures you about the quality of our product, we will have our wonderful staff to man the machine and let it fog in Singapore today. So, quick!

Call us now to enquire about the Fog Machine and the next thing you know, the Fog Machine will be at your event.

Fog Machine is a device that emits a dense vapour that appears similar to fog or smoke. This artificial fog is most commonly used in professional entertainment applications, but smaller, more affordable Fog machines are becoming common for personal use. The Fog Machine usually entertained most children as there are smoke around them.

Effects & Deco is a must to be included in an event to make it look and sound livelier.It engages participants to feel and enjoy the mood! We provide equipment that can light up your events, making it unique and fun for everyone!

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All you need to do is to browse through the products that is necessary for your event and we’ll be on our way to set up everything for you! Making it grand and enjoyable for participants.

For larger scale events, do contact us for a quotation and we can assure you of the best rates. Also, the more items you rent, the more discounts you will get!

Our rates are net, which include all related charges like delivery, installation, dismantle and collection.  We will reply within 3 working days. Do call us if you have any time sensitive clarification!

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Electrical Requirements   01 x 13-amp