Fun-tastic Carnival @ Science Centre

Many participants had a fun filled day upon attending a carnival at Science Centre. This carnival has a couple of zones and in order for us to deliver the best to our client, we have decided to changed the exterior of our arcade machine to make it captivating. If you already have an upcoming event theme in mind but not wanting to burst your budget, Carnival Wiz is the right choice for you, we have a plethora of games with a huge variety of theme. We understand that organizing a theme event is costly, hence we settled this area for you by having theme games ranging from Bouncy Castle to Virtual Reality (VR) Station.

This event was sheltered by gazebo tent and transparent tent. The gazebo tent is usually used for game booth and for a smaller area.  In conjunction, the transparent tent was able to cover a larger area and it allow natural light to pass through. The lighted balloon stand was placed at the entrance of the event room to Illuminate and decorate the room.