Inflatable Soccer Dart Board singapore

Giant dart board soccer rental Singapore for carnival, events and parties in Singapore

Inflatable Soccer Dart Board

Originated from the UK, this game is a hybrid of soccer and dart, also  known as foot darts. Basically, the player needs to get a soccer ball wrapped with velcro onto a giant dart board marked with points. It requires a bit more soccer skills to get the soccer ball onto an exact spot desired.

Players can form teams and challenge at the same time due to the dual sided design of our soccer dart board. Above that, we improvised the game further to facilitate more variations to this inflatable by designing a removable backdrop that allows any kind of customisation to the theme of the game.

We are constantly seeking innovative ways of bringing fun through sports to the community. As soon as we discover new and interesting fun equipment, we do not waste time researching on it and make necessary customisation to match our local culture and likes.

It is portable, facilitates swift setup and close down, provides a safe enclosure for sporting activities. And doesn’t take up a lot of space.