Lighted Fire Dancing Tube Singapore

Similar to Firing Dancing Tube , The Lighted Fire Dancing Tube is much more attractive as there will be light display at night compared to the Normal Firing Dancing Tube which have no lights, so this will be a good upgrade.

Especially when it comes to night-time, where Lighted Fire Dancing Tube would light up, which would draw the attention of everybody who is passing the area.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us to enquire & we promise to give you the best prices and the next thing you know, the Lighted Fire Dancing Tube will be at your event!

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Most of our Customer will put Lighted Fire Dancing Tube at the entrance of the events as it is colorful and it draws peoples attention. This will prevent your event from being so dark at night. Surely there will be a lot of people taking pictures of the Lighted Fire Dancing Tube.

Effects & Deco is a must to be included in an event to make it looks n sound livelier.It engages participants to feel and enjoy the mood! We provide equipment that can light up your events, making it unique and fun for everyone!

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All you need to do is to browse through the products that is necessary for your event and we’ll be on our way to set up everything for you! Making it grand and enjoyable for participants.

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Our rates are net, which include all related charges like delivery, installation, dismantle and collection.  We will reply within 3 working days. Do call us if you have any time sensitive clarification!

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Dimensions4.0m H
Electrical Requirements01 x 13-amp