Our Popular Mascots

You see them everywhere at sports games, schools, and event even at tradeshows, on twitter and on commercials. From the GEICO Gecko to Ronald McDonald, mascots are becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon across many different channels. Pikachu , Cai Shen Ye, Care Bear you name it all! If you are looking for something to hype up your event, renting our popular mascot will never go wrong. Our popular and professional mascot will be walking around taking photos and interact with your lovely event participants.The number one priority of any Mascot is to put a smile of the faces of the public.


Not to forget, we can customize your mascot as well, if you are interested to have your own company mascot, we are more than happy to customize for you into your requested design. Our mascot are engaging, interactive and kids friendly. Contact us now and your mascot will change your event to a whole new level!