Party Bouncer & Slide Combo Singapore

Similar to our Party Bouncer we also have a advance level which is the Party Bounce & Slide Combo. This would be a great upgrade from the Party Bouncer. If this Party Bounce & Slide Combo is not up to your expectation then we also have our Toddler Perfect which is the most advance toddler bouncy castle we have.

This is the perfect Bouncy Castle for your young toddlers as it simplistic designs causes no harm to your kids!

But this time, there is a twist! It comes with a Slide attached to it for added fun! I’m sure your kids would be tired by the end a long day of fun!

Contact us to enquire today to have Party Bouncer & Slide Combo Bouncy Castle for your event!

It has the same concept like our Party Bouncer just that it have a slide add on to provide more thrill for children to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with our Party Bounce & Slide Combo . Who doesn’t like playing slides?

Except its outer design is of a theme, used for recreational purposes. From Trolls to Safari Bouncer , inflatables are ideal for portable amusements as they are easy to transport and store. It is an entertainment that many enjoyed.

Renting a Party Bouncer & Slide Combo for your event will create that astounding experience for your guests for sure!

It is not difficult to play Party Bounce & Slide Combo at it is the same like our Party Bouncer just that a little bit advance because of the slides. Other than that everything is the same.

All our game stations are carefully selected and tweaked to maximum safety with children in mind.

There is no need to worry about difficulty levels, else it gets too boring wouldn’t it?

The recommended age for Party Bounce & Slide Combo is the same as our Party Bouncer which is 3 years old. However parent should also guide their children to ensure they are safe at all times when playing Party Bounce & Slide Combo.

As a responsible company, safety is of our highest priority. Please adhere to the recommended safety instructions provided, or by our crew members. Adult supervision is highly encouraged for the children aged under 12.

For larger scale events, do contact us for a quotation and we can assure you of the best rates. Also, the more items you rent, the more discounts you will get!

Our rates are net, which include all related charges like delivery, installation, dismantle and collection.  We will reply within 3 working days. Do call us if you have any time sensitive clarification!

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