Pond Fishing

We’re going on a trip in our favorite carnival ship, zooming through the pond, little fishing. Pond Fishing is a must have for carnival that involve kids. It is simple game and it is also kid’s friendly, a magnet was attached at the tip of the fishing rod, young player need to use it to pick up magnetic fishes or items from the pond.


There are a few game modes client like you can choose from. The first is scoring system, score will be indicated at the bottom of the fishes, player have to catch 3 fishes and he or she will win prizes base on the total score of the 3 caught fishes. Next is time system, a time limit will be given to the player and he or she have to catch as many fishes as possible within the time limit. The player who caught the most fish will be the winner. Last but not least, lost and found, the player have to find and fish out the item that is missing. The player who fish out all the missing item first will be the winner.

Pond Fishing Singapore