Street Fighter Retro Video Arcade Games Rental Singapore

Power Up Your Event with Our Retro Video Arcade Rental!

Over 999 Games? We Double-Dare You to Try Them All!

Carnival Wiz brings the electrifying world of retro video games directly to your event with our incredible arcade machine rental service! Packed with a mind-blowing collection of over 999 classic titles from timeless franchises such as Street Fighter, Mario, Megaman, and many more, this isn’t your average arcade machine – it’s a portal to pure, nostalgic fun!

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Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a birthday party, a school function, or any other gathering, our retro video arcade rental injects a dose of fun and nostalgia that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Here are some reasons why you should have one for your event!

Engages All Ages
The massive library with over 999 games caters to a wide range of ages and interests. From classic platformers to nostalgic racing titles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Instant Party Starter
Retro video games have a timeless appeal and ignite a sense of friendly competition and shared experiences among guests. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter that gets people laughing and having fun.

Nostalgic Blast
For older attendees, the arcade provides a delightful trip down memory lane, rekindling childhood memories and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Engaging for Younger Audiences
For younger audiences, the arcade offers a chance to experience classic games they might not have encountered before, introducing them to the history and fun of retro gaming.

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The difficulty of playing the games on the Retro Video Arcade rental machine depends entirely on the specific games you choose.

Accessibility for All
The beauty of our rental machine is its vast library catering to all skill levels. There are classic platformers like Super Mario Bros. with a simple jump and run mechanic, perfect for beginners. Puzzle games like Tetris offer a gradual difficulty curve, allowing players to learn as they go.

Challenging Titles
For seasoned gamers, the machine boasts iconic titles known for their difficulty, like Street Fighter II or early racing games that require precise timing and mastery.

Adjustable Difficulty
Some games might offer adjustable difficulty settings, allowing players to choose a challenge level that suits their comfort zone.

Learning Curve
While some games are intuitive, others might have a bit of a learning curve. The fun lies in the process of mastering the controls and strategizing your way to victory.

Overall, the Retro Video Arcade offers a range of experiences. Our friendly team can recommend games based on your preferences and skill level, ensuring everyone has a chance to enjoy the fun!

For larger scale events, do contact us for a quotation and we can assure you of the best rates. Also, the more items you rent, the more discounts you will get!

Our rates are net, which include all related charges like delivery, installation, dismantle and collection.  We will reply within 3 working days. Do call us if you have any time sensitive clarification!

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Dimensions0.9m W x 0.8m D x 1.6m H
Electrical Requirements01 x 13-amp