Traditional Kampong Game Rental: Congkak

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Congkak, also known as “congklak” or “congka,” is a traditional Southeast Asian game that is popular in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore.

It is a traditional mancala game, which is a type of board game that involves the strategic movement of small objects, typically seeds or stones, on a wooden or board.

Congkak is typically played on a wooden board or trough with 7 small pits or holes on each side and a larger storehouse (or “house”) at each end. Each of the 14 small pits is initially filled with a certain number of small seeds, beans, or small stones.

The objective of congkak is to accumulate as many seeds as possible in your own storehouse while preventing your opponent from doing the same.

The game is usually played by two players, each controlling one side of the board. Players take turns to pick up the seeds from one of their small pits and distribute them in a counterclockwise direction, one seed at a time, into the pits, including their own storehouse. If the last seed of a turn lands in your storehouse, you get another turn. If it lands in an empty pit on your side, you capture that seed and any seeds in the opposite pit on your opponent’s side, placing them in your storehouse.


Congkak is not only a popular traditional game but also a cultural and social activity. It is often played during gatherings, family events, and festivals, providing an opportunity for people to bond and enjoy each other’s company. The game has a rich cultural history and is considered an important part of the cultural heritage of the regions where it is played.

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