Dunk Bucket

Introducing our Dunk Bucket Water Play, a thrilling twist on the Classic Dunk Tank! Unlike traditional setups, our Dunk Bucket positions the bucket above you, adding an exciting challenge to the game.

It is incredibly easy to set up – all we need is access to a water point, and we are ready to roll! The objective is simple: aim your bean bag accurately to hit the target and tip the bucket, sending a refreshing splash cascading down.

Whether you’re looking for a light sprinkle or full-on soak, our Dunk Bucket caters to all preferences. Plus, for added convenience, we offer the option of providing an operator to assist with managing the Dunk Bucket during your event.

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Renting a Dunk Bucket for your event guarantees endless fun and excitement! With a simple toss of a bean bag, you can drench the person beneath the bucket in a refreshing splash. Unlike traditional setups, our Dunk Bucket uses a fresh bucket of water each time, ensuring hygiene and comfort for all participants.

Water play is a hit, especially in Singapore’s hot climate, offering a refreshing escape from the heat. It is not just about getting wet – participants can engage in challenges and develop important social skills like sharing and taking turns while enjoying the playful atmosphere.

From classic favorites like the Cage Dunk Tank to the thrilling options like the Hydro Balloon Blaster, we offer a variety of water play activities to suit every preference.

Renting a Dunk Bucket will undoubtedly elevate the excitement at your event, creating unforgettable memories for your guests!

Playing Dunk Bucket is straightforward but requires some aim to hit the target and splash the water. Luck plays a part, but skillful aiming increases your chances of success.

Difficulty levels vary depending on the product, ranging from easy to advanced, but all our stations are id-friendly and within participants’ capabilities.

The minimum age for Dunk Bucket is 7 years old. Adult supervision is required for children under 12 to ensure their safety. Safety is our top priority, and we provide clear instructions and guidance to ensure a safe and enjyoable experience for all participants.

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Our rates are all-inclusive of delivery, installation, dismantle, and collection charges. We aim to respond to your enquires within 3 working days. If you have time-sensitive questions, feel free to call us.

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Dimensions0.7M W X 0.7M D X 1.85m H
Water Supply01 x water supply

Dunk Bucket Singapore