Festive Air Dancers

CNY Air Dancer

As Chinese New Year is around the corner, is time to feel the festive ambience with Carnival Wiz’s Cai Shen Ye Air Dancer!! Not only will it create the vibe of new year but also prosperous the people around you! HUAT AHH

Halloween Air Dancer

Treat or trick? That’s right. Halloween is around the corner! Kids going around dressing up in their fabulous costume knocking on doors to receive candies! Sharing spooky stories and visiting haunted houses! But do you know what’s even better? Carnival Wiz’s Halloween Air Dancer to bring out the spirit and excitement on 31st October. The top figure floating in mid-air directing the attention of your guest to your event! So, contact us today to rent your very own Halloween Air Dancer.

Christmas Air Dancer

HO HO HO, Merry Christmas Everybody! With Christmas approaching fast, Carnival Wiz presents to you, our Christmas Air Dancer! Fill the entire area with the festive mood, while our dear Santa greets your guest! So contact us now to rent your very own Christmas Air Dancer today!