Our Wonderful Air Dancers

Effects & Decor

Planning a regular event and needed some decorations to attract participants? Well, Carnival Wiz got just the thing for you! Introducing our Air Dancers from the pictures above, it acts as an effect and deco to lighten up the atmosphere, bringing in the event vibe! So, Contact us today to rent your Air Dancers from Carnival Wiz.

Animal Air Dancer

Are you an Animal Lover? If you are great! You definitely have to rent our Animal Air Dancer for your event. With the cute animals floating and waving around, your guest definitely can’t help but be attracted to it!

Robots Air Dancer

Are you a fan of Transformers? Those big mechanic cars that transform into a robot? Well, if you do, you definitely have to rent our Transformers Air Dancer! With that, it will transform your event into a more vibrant and cooler atmosphere.