Open House Carnival @ Istana

Istana also known as “Palace”  was the place where The President of Singapore reside and work. It is indeed a gorgeous place! Carnival Wiz was proud to partner with the Istana to organize a family day event. It was an open house hence visitors were allowed to enter and have fun playing our games. Connect 4 is a well-known 2 players game in Singapore where players have to take turns to slot in a colored round plate. The player who managed to link 4 of the same colored plate horizontally or vertically will be the crown winner. We do have slides and playhouses for toddler to play with as well. If you are looking for a bouncy castle for specifically for toddler, Carnival Wiz got you covered with our Toddler Perfect bouncy castle.


Carnival Wiz do provide Tentage service as well. We have a variety types of Tentages ranging from gazebo to indoor air-conditioned tent (strictly upon request). Singapore weather known to be humid, warm and at times unstable. You won’t be able to predict a weather 100% accurately thus it is best to have Tentages around to rescue the unforeseen circumstances.


Istana organizer chose to create a rest area with our safe and reliable gazebo tentage. All visitors had an amazing and fun filled day! Special thanks to Istana and their participants for making this a successful event.