water soccer inflatable singapore

Rent Inflatable water football field for fun team building in schools, carnivals and events

Water Soccer Field Singapore

What is water soccer?

Water Soccer simply means playing football on water. It adds on to the challenges the players face especially in their speed when dashing on water. Generally, water is filled to heel-level into an inflatable water soccer field, and players will form teams and compete in a water soccer game, with rules similar to that of a typical soccer game.

Why water soccer?

There are numerous benefits to playing water soccer in Singapore:

  1. Maintain body temperature – Water helps to prevent body temperature from rising too rapidly.
  2. Challenging – Due to the natural restriction of water to body movements, you move slower.
  3. Safer – Risk of injury is reduced.
  4. Fun – For sure!

Why inflatable?

It is portable, facilitates swift setup and close down, provides a safe enclosure for sporting activities. Play your favourite sport game wherever you want.