Water Trampoline Bouncer Inflatable singapore

Water Trampoline Bouncer Inflatable Singapore

What is water trampoline bouncer?

Water trampoline bouncer is an inflatable bouncer on water. Unlike land trampolines, the bounce surface is wider due to the absence of stainless steel springs. As a result, the bouncer provides lesser bounce due to the lack of springs.

As a result, the water bouncer, for the reason above, is a safer option due to the pool width and depth limitation in Singapore.

What accessories come with the water bouncer?

The water trampoline bouncer could be used as an individual water bounce or swim platform. Accessories or add-ons, will be provided upon request.

As shown in the picture, an additional slide and a floating log are available as add-ons to the water trampoline bouncer.

How safe is the water trampoline bouncer?

As with all inflatables, there is a certain risk during play. We have in fact, to the best of our ability, minimised the risks through careful design, provision of visual safety rules, and risk assessment of the activity involving this product.

Our water trampoline bouncer uses commercial grade 0.9mm water proof PVC material which meets the international standard for manufacture of water inflatables. We deliberately emitted the springs and chose to connect the bounce surface to the inflatable tubes for obvious safety reasons.